If you have ready my blogs, you know I am involved in international business, which requires me to travel a lot. You can find me on a plane almost any day. I can also be found packing for an upcoming trip if you wander over. I already know by heart what I want to take for most destinations and I have it at the ready in a suitcase. I just must adapt the clothing to the seasons. Most of the time it is warm weather where I go. Some of the essentials are personal toiletries and appliances, but I try to limit what I need in the interest of space. I don’t need an electric toothbrush, but I do like to take a battery-operated shaver. I take dried packaged food for emergencies, an umbrella and plastic rain poncho, a small hairbrush, mouthwash, and soap.

There is one other item that I didn’t mention and I am sure you haven’t thought of it. Not every traveler needs one. I am referring to a portable humidifier along with a multi-port USB charger. I wouldn’t go to many countries (like arid lands with no rain) without it. The interesting thing about it is that it is very small. It is a soft mist gadget that you can take anywhere you like, even use it at home when you are at your desk engrossed in work. You would love it if you suffer the effects of dryness and have sinus issues. Not every location enjoys a humid summer. I get more than an occasional day that is uncomfortable.

This little wonder is so simple and easy to operate. You fill it with plain tap water, or even a scented water if you prefer. There is a ring device that is in the water. Then you plug it into a USB outlet and watch it go into action. All of a sudden, the air around you becomes clean and crisp. Goodbye dry atmosphere! Hello relief for my allergies. I can breathe easier and get a good night’s sleep when I am abroad. I love that there are no batteries to charge and no filters to change. Plus, this gem has a built-in safety timer. You can set it for the amount of time you need, even for hours, and it will turn off by itself when the water is gone.

When I travel, you can see that I take with me the comforts of home, the humidifier being one of the most important. I don’t feel a bit guilty since it hardly takes up space in my backpack or other tote. On really dry days, I am so grateful that I insist on bringing the device along. I highly recommend it. You don’t need a big room-size model when you are on the road (or in the sky as I often am). Give one as a gift for that person who has everything. They will thank you profusely.