If you want to be an entrepreneur, try to enjoy just being an entrepreneur. Try not to focus on being some sort of a specific entrepreneur. You don’t know which market is going to work for you and when. You might be in a situation in which a market was a great choice when you were first in business school, but the market is dead, different, or saturated now. A market that was dead when you were in business school might have opened up more recently.

You really never know with a lot of markets like this, and you can’t get too attached to particular market if you really want to get ahead in the world of business. You have to always be ready to find a new market, just like people today always have to be ready to find a new job. No one works the same job for the rest of his or her life anymore. That’s just a holdover from the mid-twentieth century, and it isn’t a thing anymore.

It’s the same thing with the world of business. You’re probably going to work in several different markets as an entrepreneur, and you need to be used to that if you’re going to truly roll with the punches, so to speak. There are lots of markets in place these days, and you can definitely still enter a new one even if you only have experience with a different one.

The thing about business is that certain ideas really do manage to stay consistent across different markets. You can learn all about business in one market and then apply those same skills to a different market. You need to look at which markets are on the rise and which ones have room for you to enter, or which ones are expanding enough to allow for more people to jump in at a given point.

Lots of markets aren’t really new markets anyway. They’re just smaller markets within larger markets. If you’re in the tech field, you can pretty much do anything. Almost anything counts as something within the tech market today. If you have the technical skills and if you really are going to be able to jump into a new market from there, you should be fine with everything. Lots of skills transfer, lots of markets overlap, lots of markets close and reopen, and lots of new opportunities arise. Focus on that and try not to get too attached to certain markets or too afraid of some new ones.