I travel for work and am lucky enough to explore the globe. Sometimes I have to make a presentation which requires some preplanning. Since I have all my gear at the ready in my luggage, I don’t need to worry much about packing. I can do it in minutes. It is now like second nature after all this time. But with a presentation, you have other considerations. You must write and prepare your report and edit it for clarity and length. Then you need to have it printed and stapled together as you will be passing it out to the attendees of the meeting you are addressing. I usually can rely on one specific printer, but one time it didn’t happen. I was in a rush and the printer’s time was booked with other jobs. They all were “rush” as well so I didn’t have any priority.

I didn’t panic. My office has a decent printer which saved the day for me so I didn’t have to runaround finding a new printer and miss my flight. This has never happened but there is always a first time. The office printer saved the day along with the trusty heavy duty stapler that is always lying around. The moral of the story is that I got my job done by myself. I made 30 copies in a jiffy and boxed them up for travel. I didn’t want to get any dented corners by stowing them in my backpack or suitcase.

When I got to my destination the next day and retrieved the reports to accompany my presentation, I found them in perfect condition. I am glad that I wasn’t so busy that I didn’t think about their appearance. Yes, it can make a difference. If it is an informal meeting, that is one thing. If it is a professional gathering, then that is another. My session was the latter and I had taken care to ensure a proper presentation. Thanks to the printer and stapler, it was a rousing success. The attendees appreciated the report’s organization and the way it was handled. I think I have the formula for future emergencies. Just rely on what you have in your vicinity. Don’t assume you need a bona fide printer. Besides, I saved money by going solo.

I am thinking about buying my own office-quality stapler in case the one I used is not available in the future. I will keep it in my desk. Some of them are small and ordinary, but I want the jumbo size that can handle twenty or thirty pages. The good ones don’t get jammed and the staples won’t come out if you don’t apply enough pressure. I will have a box of the right ones also in my desk. No one will be able to borrow it. A rush job can happen at any moment, whether you are traveling to make a presentation or not. I am prepared.