My sister often tells me that she finds my business traveling excessive and wishes I would settle down a little. She leads a more stationary life here in LA, travels only when necessary, and not multiple times a week, so she can’t really understand where I’m coming from. She is a different kind of person, she likes stability and predictability, isn’t really concerned with seeing a lot of different cultures or experiencing wild trips. And who can blame her, LA is so diverse and has more than a little something for everyone, the introverts, and the extroverts alike.

But, I’m more restless than her, which is why I do what I do. Yes, it’s busy, and I sleep at hotels more often than I sleep at home, I eat restaurant food more than home-cooked meals, but you know, every profession comes with some compromises you need to make, and in my case, it happens to be being away most of the time.

My favorite part of the job is that I get to meet many different people and talk to them, learn about their lives, and how they live, what they do, and how they think. I meet many young entrepreneurs full of revolutionary ideas and a zest for life, it’s very inspiring. Many people find this hard to believe, but I am genuinely interested in what they have to say. I’m the good guy. Too busy sometimes, but good.

And it’s not only when I travel that I like to meet people, I like going out and hanging out with people when I’m in LA too. I love LA, even though half of the time I’m not really there. I often like to have some friends over and actually cook a meal. When they propose ordering a takeout I fiercely object, because being at home is my one chance to eat a homemade meal, and impress my friends. I have so many kinds of kitchen appliances, a mandoline slicer for example, it would be a shame to let them gather dust in the corners.

When I’m at home I like to go to the Santa Monica Pier. It’s my favorite place in the whole world, and I’ve seen quite a few, as you may have been able to tell. I spent most of my college years hiding out here and just hanging out with friends. When I come home after traveling, I make sure I come here first thing. You gotta have some anchor, and this is mine.