I love to travel, even if it is for business. There isn’t much difference between going for work or vacation. It just means you have commitments at first. I can stay a few extra days and explore a region that was hitherto unknown. There are side benefits when your meetings and appointments are over. Now you have free time to enjoy yourself and to satisfy your curiosity about something you want to do or see in the area. I recently had to go to Lyon, France. It is a mid-size city with many sightseeing attractions. There is the glorious French food that is available in one star restaurants. I took the opportunity to tour the wine country; and of course I discovered some wonderful new wines. I had a case shipped home of a mixture of types. It will almost fill my new wine refrigerator that I installed in the den. It is average size and can hold a fair number of bottles. When I have guests over, I can entertain them in style since our beverage of choice is but a few feet away. I always have nuts out and often add cheese, crackers, and olives. The wine is always at the perfect temperature since I set the refrigerator for white on top and red at the bottom. I have dual control. This way you can put everything in one easy place. You don’t have to have a wine rack for bottles that don’t need to be cold. They take up a lot of space even though they can be attractive. I find the wine fridge to be enough for my needs.

The last trip I took to France was very special. I love going to various wineries and participating in local tastings. Each one is unique. They always include regional fruit and cheese and it is truly divine. If only I could ship some of that home, but alas it is not allowed. We do get imports at home so I make do with what is available. Those who have been to Napa, a top-tier wine region, will find it to be a different experience in France given the local customs and the foreign language. French wine was the first to be collected before California vintages took off. Nevertheless, I like to go to the source of my obsession and I will never abandon the great wines of France. There are so many varieties of grapes and you therefore get a good selection of types. I am so grateful I thought of getting a wine cooler so I can receive my shipment in style. It will be stored in a manner worthy of its essence.

I don’t need company to partake of my new wines. I can sit and watch a ball game or movie on TV all alone with a glass in my hand. You don’t need an excuse as you might just want to relax after work. You can read your emails, daydream, or enjoy some music.