I am involved in international business which requires me to travel several time zones away. My destinations change all the time. It makes for some wonderful experiences and adventures. I always explore an area after my work is done. It does make me a bit for tired when I return home to be away for so long; but it is well worth the inevitable jet lag to get to know other countries. I have been to Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, and some major cities in Africa. Australia has been on my itinerary, Hawaii, and New Zealand. I can’t count the places on my two hands. My passport is picturesque as it is laden with entry stamps. It is a good memento for my travels and testimony to a busy global life. The business world has changed and if you want to keep up and compete, you must consider what is happening around the planet.

When a lot is going on in my head and I am suffering from jet lag, I cannot get to sleep right away. It takes days to adapt. I end up watching late night infomercials and old movies that are of no real interest. I get so tired and bored. Sometimes, oddly enough I get up and vacuum. I saw a fancy one in a commercial which gave me the idea. In fact, I was so groggy from lack of sleep that I actually ordered a new one. It seemed like a better model than what I have and it is a pretty good price – it’s rare to find vacuums under 100 dollars. In a couple of days, I will have to find a place to store it. I can dispose of the old one or give it away as it has some life left in it. I just couldn’t resist the TV ad message. I suppose we all get hooked into buying something we don’t need in a moment of weakness. If I am willing to vacuum at night, I guess I deserve a model that is easy to operate. When it arrived, I found that it was. Surely this is the best machine in its price range. The old one is going to be tossed and become fodder for the landfill, as much as I don’t want to waste appliances.

Now when I have jet lag, I try not to turn on the TV to watch infomercials with tempting items. I don’t want to get into those home shopping clubs. They run 24 hours a day so if you have insomnia, they can lull you to sleep. But it is just too darn easy to order. You can program your credit card right into their website. All you need to do is select the item or call and give your name. But I don’t regret the vacuum as it is durable and reliable. I will no doubt own it for some time, thus saving money down the road. You see, my split-second decision turned out to be practical.