Roadblocks are just another part of starting a business. One of the great things about modern business is that it is hard to complete fail. If you have a good social media following, for instance, you can still use that social media following for something. If you managed to make any international contacts, those international contacts are still assets for you even if you do not have the same business anymore or the same interests. However, roadblocks are going to happen in the world of business, and you have to know how to work with them.

The first thing that you should notice is that roadblocks can actually help teach you about business in a way that business school won’t. Your business professor is someone who knows a lot about the theory. You need to learn from someone who has actually done real world business. You can learn more from screwing up a business idea than you can from taking a few hundred business courses, and that’s what you should try to keep in mind when a roadblock happens. Think of it as an honorary degree from a business school, and you should be able to proceed from there.

Roadblocks really are the roads to recovery. Think about it: roadblocks just temporarily derail you when you’re actually on the road. Roadblocks are going to manage to do the same thing when you are in business. Really, roadblocks on the road are there to stop people from speeding, and you can think of the learning experience that they provide as having a similar effect on you and what you have.